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For as low as $19.99 per month anyone can store their prized possessions via our fire/water proof capsules secured at an undisclosed facility, monitored 24/7.  YTCs' one on one custom service allows you to send any item you so deem worthy of guarding or passing on to a particular beneficiary for any given amount of time. You send it in, we send it back to you, a loved one, partner, the beneficiary you selected, at the time of your choosing.  Whether it is 1 week or 50 years we have you covered, whether you want only a certain member to receive certain items unbeknownst to others, we have you covered there too! YTC understands that beauty as well as value is in the eye of the beholder, with that said your most prized possession don't always have to be jewelry, stocks, wills, coin collection, paintings, china, etc. when pictures, letters, videos and the like are just as valuable to your legacy. Insured up to $100,000 you can rest assured that your items are always safe with Your Time Capsule.


Fire & water proof

Our Capsules are fire and water proof to ensure maximum security

monitored 24/7

Your Capsule will be monitored by non-stop survelliance


secure facility

Capsules are kept at a limited access, climate controlled and undisclosed facility

Grey Wall


Capsule contents are bonded for $100,000


Hexagon. YTC step 1
Hexagon. YTC step 1


Hexagon. YTC step 2
Hexagon. YTC step 2


Hexagon. YTC step 3
Hexagon. YTC step 3


Hexagon. YTC step 4
Hexagon. YTC step 4


Hexagon. YTC step 5
Hexagon. YTC step 5


Hexagon. YTC step 6
Hexagon. YTC step 6


Visit the shop via the drop down menu

Select the size capsule that best suits your needs

Check out

Capsule contents. What can I store in a YTC capsule ideas

Prepare your items while we send you a shipping box and further instructions/information

Send us your items and we will safeguard them for as long as you are subscribed

Your items are sent back to you or the chosen recipient as soon as your payments end


Document. Leave wills and deeds to loved ones to avoid disputes

Avoid Conflicts

Leave capsules in your will without revealing the contents to avoid disputes among family members.

Shipping boxes. Valuables are always returned to you or your beneficiary.

Return Insured

Your capsule items will always reach whom they were intended for. Unlike other storage methods that confiscate your belongings, we work to get your possessions where they need to be.

Seurity Guard. Protect your valuables with YTCs security service.

Extra Security

Keep items safe from thieves, fires, floods and other accidents. There is no need to worry about misplacing your valuables.


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